3 Basic Principles for Healthy Nutrition

Anthony Khalil

Have you ever woke in the middle of the night with the midnight munchies? Do you wonder what it takes to eat healthily? Although there are many great resources available online, like the CDC on nutrition tips, it often seems like there is too much information to sift through. In this post, I will endeavor to give you some simple tips and principles for nutrition.


While most fads focus on one or two pieces of nutrition to the exclusion of all else, good common sense nutrition seeks balance in your diet to ensure health and well-being. While many people are familiar with the food pyramid, there are several things you should keep in mind when you are seeking a balanced diet: pay attention to ingredients, don’t cut natural or whole foods from your diet, and limit consumption of processed sugars.

Whole Foods

Many of the greatest benefits of our food come from parts that are processed out during manufacturing. This includes fiber rich skins from fruits and vegetables and trace vitamins and minerals from seeds. To keep getting this nutritional benefit it is important that you eat whole fruits and vegies as well as whole grain products. Including whole foods, both raw and cooked, will increase your value incredibly.

Plan Ahead

While there are many great resources for meal planning from both a budgetary viewpoint and a healthy nutritional one, the simplest planning is to ensure that you have healthy snacks available. While you may not think of snacks as an important part of planning, snacks can determine how we feel throughout the day, whether we binge later on, and how many calories we will consume each day.

Good high-protein snacks like trail mixes and jerky can be a useful add-on to whole fruits and veggies. Make certain that any trail mix you use is higher on protein than on sugar.